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Integrated Riot Investigation Team Making Progress

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team (I.R.I.T) is steadily moving forward in the process of sorting through thousands of pieces of information and photos related to the riot. This past weekend, the team catalogued 4,000 emails and flagged 1700 which identify potential suspects involved in 120 separate incidents.

Since June 15th, 24 people have turned themselves in to police. Each of these cases is being fully investigated to determine the extent of the person’s involvement in the riot. More in-depth investigation is also required to determine whether any supporting evidence exists such as video or photographs that will need to be matched up to an individual.

Due to the complexity of matching up thousands of images, tips and related information to each suspect, the investigation is expected to be lengthy and complex. Charges may not be laid for several weeks, in most cases due to the extraordinary volume of evidence that still needs to be examined.  The Integrated Riot Investigation Team is aided by a close partnership with a dedicated Crown Counsel team.

The Integrated Riot Investigating Team is currently comprised of the following experts:

  • five officers commanding the investigation
  • one police officer affiant
  • 24 police investigators
  • two project assistants
  • three analysts
  • four tech crimes investigators
  • four forensic video investigators

Until charges are approved, no identifying information will be available for release, including names and cities of residence.