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Update: Integrated Riot Investigation

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team is continuing to pore over thousands of images from the June 15th riot. In an effort to streamline the investigation further, a new email address for submissions from the public has been created at

Beginning immediately, photos, tips and information about those suspected of being involved in the riot can be sent to this new email address. It is never too late to send in images you may have stored on your camera or phone, and more details on submitting photos can be found on the Integrated Riot Investigation Team webpage.

The Forensic Services Section/Tech Crimes Unit of the Integrated Riot Investigation Team is currently reviewing approximately 600 GB of data, 15,000 images and nearly 3,000 individual video data files. This equates to approximately 1200 – 1600 hours of video.  Every image and every video is being carefully screened, sometimes frame by frame, to capture the clearest picture of a face or an identifying article of clothing. 

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team, now comprised of nearly 50 investigators and civilian experts, is committed to conducting a complete and thorough investigation. The team wishes to thank downtown Vancouver businesses and individual citizens for submitting their photos and videos to assist in finding those responsible for participating in the June 15th riot.

To date, 34 people have turned themselves in to police. Anyone wanting to turn themselves in should call 778-838-2124 to make the necessary arrangements.

Tips can be left on the tip-line at 604-717-2541 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.