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Chief Constable Responds to Riot Review

Video – Press Conference

The Night the City Became A Stadium – Independent Review

Chief Constable Jim Chu

I have reviewed the review and I would like to say how impressed I am with the efforts of the co-chairs John Furlong and Douglas Keefe.

It is very impressive that they have been able to produce such a complete and insightful examination of what happened on the night of June 15th.

On behalf of all the men and women of the Vancouver Police Department and our sister agencies, I also want to thank them for the moving dedication of the report, “To those people who took back the streets.”

I am also going to include in that group, because I am sure the authors intended it so, the number of good people who resisted the rioters, came to the aid of the injured and helped to protect victims and property.

I think it is also important to remember the victims at this point who are still seeking justice and answers to those questions. I hope that they will see this review as another step closer in achieving that ultimate resolution.

The question we have all asked, including myself, is there anything we could have done differently to ensure that there would not have been a riot? And secondly, is there anything we could have done differently to stop it immediately before it could get started?

Sadly, it would seem that there is no magic solution to protect ourselves from those intent on creating this type of harm.

Many of you have expressed an almost obsessive interest in the number of police we had on the street that night. I have always told you that we don’t discuss the numbers for security reasons. Why would anyone want to give riot instigators more aid to commit their crimes?

The review of course reveals the number and the fact that it was doubled in less than two hours but it confirms that there is no plausible number of police that could have prevented what happened.

We know in hindsight that some mistakes were made, but I’m pleased to see the reviewers concluded that none of the mistakes would have made a substantial difference that night.

We have completed our own review addressing many of the same issues from this document and will be sharing that with you and the Police Board on Tuesday.

We will be looking at all the recommendations that have been made with a view to implementation.