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Integrated Riot Investigation Team Posts New Riot Photos

Today, the Vancouver Police posted 12 new photos of suspected rioters on their website  The response from the public has been increasingly overwhelming. Support for the investigation continues to grow with more than 250,000 visits to the riot website. With the public’s help and the attention generated to the website, IRIT investigators have seen 63 people turn themselves in since June 15th.

Inspector Les Yeo, who heads up the Integrated Riot Investigation Team, says, “Investigators are now making arrest at suspect’s workplaces, schools and homes.”

 IRIT Updated Statistics:

The total number of suspects featured on the website that have either turned themselves in, are under investigation, or have been arrested, is 28.

But there are many more under investigation and many more who will be appearing on the website in the near future. The total number of people currently under investigation in connection with the riot is 127. At least 1,123 suspect names have surfaced since the investigation began in June.