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Integrated Riot Investigation Team Update

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team continues to make significant developments with the ongoing investigation into the June 15th riot.

Team Commander Les Yeo says, “We are on track to deliver 40 charges to Crown by October 31st, and more charges will continue to flow in the weeks and months to follow.”

Presently a number of team members are in Indianapolis, where they have been joined by over 40 of the best forensic analysts from across North America and the UK. These experts are processing more than 1600 hours of video evidence collected since the riot.

In about two week’s time, the team will return with hundreds of images of suspected rioters that will need identifying. Inspector Yeo says, “If you participated in the riot and thought you got away with it, you’re mistaken. You may be one of the hundreds of photos that will be added to our website.”

In another move to secure evidence, team members will be serving warrants, otherwise known as production orders, on local media outlets today. These include The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Globe and Mail, Global TV, CTV and CBC.  “This is an important step in the investigation to ensure all images are collected and rioters held accountable,” says Inspector Yeo.