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Update: Riot Investigation

June 13-14 Emails         Notes Following Teleconference


Good morning and thanks for coming today.

We have another dirty dozen for you today as we add more photos to our website. This brings our current total of pictures we have posted to 101.

The total number of suspects featured on the website that have either turned themselves in, are under investigation, or have been arrested, has increased from 44 last week, to 52.

Next week we will have more information for you when many of the Integrated Riot Investigation Team members return from Indianapolis where they have been analyzing video from the riot.

Today’s posting of another dozen pictures is just the latest step in our commitment to eventually post all the pictures of people we wish to identify.

The public’s response to the postings has been overwhelming and we are grateful for that. However, we also realize that public interest wanes and it is challenging to ask people to keep returning to our website.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at ways to renew that interest and hopefully encourage even greater numbers to visit our site.

While I’m here, I also want to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion that may be lingering about my communication with the BC Liquor Board surrounding the final games of the series.

Here’s what happened:

  • Game 5 observations (drunkenness, etc.) on June 10
  • Debate re whether to wait for a possible Game 7 to ask for closures – couldn’t justify not asking for Game 6, which could have been the final game
  • Result was conference call on June 12th
  • VPD and others on the front lines provided info to ADM Ayers to support a recommendation to close stores early for Game 6 on June 13
  • She considered it and reported back that she had approved it
  • Great success – much calmer, 1/10th of the number of pour-outs
  • Early closures for Game 7 requested on the basis that it was the final game with no more chances and even though there were no problems in Game 6, we wanted to do everything we could to reduce problems
  • No info suggesting a riot might occur until the problems everyone could see emerging on the day of Game 7 June 15

In case it’s helpful, we’re giving you copies of my emails to the BCLB concerning our thoughts on liquor store closures. I’m also sharing with you my notes from a conference call on June 12th where the VPD and our partners discussed this issue.

You’ll see that at one point I reference the ’94 scenario. I think it is fair to say that the ’94 scenario is never far from our minds whenever we are in the planning stages for large gatherings.

But when we think of the ’94 scenario, unless we have information to the contrary, we are not thinking of a riot but the kind of bad behaviour one sees in a riot.

There is hardly a large event in this city or even a summer weekend night in the Entertainment District where we don’t see alcohol-fuelled behaviour of fights or people climbing lamp posts or onto awnings.

It is that type of common rowdy behaviour we are referring to when we reference the ’94 scenario.

The last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt when they are having a good time. That’s why we are so concerned about liquor store closures.

I’d be happy to take your questions.