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Update: Integrated Riot Investigation

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Integrated Riot Investigation Update

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Inspector Les Yeo

I’m here to provide you with an update on the riot investigation and also announce our first “24-pack.”

This morning, we added these photos of suspected rioters to our website. We are asking for the public to visit us at and help us put names to these faces.

As you know, we sent a team down to Indianapolis to forensically process the massive amount of raw video we had of the riot. They returned and brought back with them thousands of images of rioters committing criminal acts. 

As expected, with the lab’s capabilities, we were able to uncover and process a staggering 5000 hours of footage. 

We knew the numbers would exceed our initial estimation of 1600 hours.  However, to avoid corrupting and compromising files, we didn’t want to delve deeper until we got down to the lab.

Despite the extra workload, the forensic analysts worked around the clock and were able to examine and process the task in two weeks.

I will share with you some stats that will put into perspective the colossal amount of work we were faced with.

We are still on schedule to recommend to Crown charges for 40 individuals on October 31st.  You can expect that many of these suspected rioters will have multiple charges against them. 

In the weeks and months to follow, we will be announcing many, many more charges.

Our website continues to be our #1 investigative tool to bring alleged rioters to justice.  Our efforts are continuing to drive people to our website, which is resulting in increasing numbers of identifications and tips.   

Public interest in this investigation remains strong and we want to express our thanks once again to everyone who has taken the time to visit

You will see over the next few weeks a number of major initiatives to keep the public involved and the public interest high. 

Our goal continues to be the identification, arrest and charge of all those who engaged in criminal acts during the June 15th riot.  

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  • over 30 Terabytes of data processed (equivalent to 7500 DVDs or 45,000 CDs)
  • over 5000 hours of video examined
  • 50 forensic analysts worked on the project from across North America and the UK, representing over 40 law enforcement agencies
  • over 4000 analyst hours spent in the lab, working three shifts, during the 14-day period
  • 101 pictures of suspected rioters appeared on our website, of which 42 have been identified
  • of the 12 photos we released on October 12th, nine were identified within three days
  • 610 website tips
  • the total number of suspects featured on the website that have either turned themselves in, are under investigation, or have been arrested, has increased from 52 last week to 61
  • in total, 79 have turned themselves into police custody:
      • male – 65       female – 14
      • breakdown by home address:

Surrey – 20                  

Abbotsford – 3

Vancouver – 17            

Langley – 3

Burnaby – 8                  

Coquitlam -2

Maple Ridge – 6           

Delta – 2

North Vancouver – 4    

New Westminster – 2

   (and others from as far away as Lethbridge, Seattle, Penticton, etc.)


Fact Sheet

Why the Lab:

  • over 15,000 criminal acts and suspected rioters tagged (many were the same individual tagged from different camera angles)
  • over 100 different formats and over 5000 hours of video to examine and process
  • in 1994, we had one format, VHS, and 100 hours of video to analyse
  • the lab is the only one of its type anywhere, which was capable of taking this task on

Since we returned:

  • we now have the ability to cull through all the video, searching for a suspect in a matter of seconds
  • we now have the ability to identify rioters who masked up, simply by tagging the group they were with
  • we now have the ability to identify a rioter in a situation where we only had a camera shot of their leg kicking in a store window, by tagging him from another location
  • we now have the ability to see video footage of a rioter committing multiple criminal offences, instead of just a single offence