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Integrated Riot Investigation Team – Poster Campaign

Media Fact Sheet

Chief Constable Jim Chu

What happened on June 15th was extraordinary. 

It calls for extraordinary measures.  

In the history of the VPD we have never done what we are doing today. 

As we speak, a team of 150 volunteers are blanketing our region. 

They are standing outside of colleges, shopping malls and, like our location here, the stores that were the victims that night. 

They are handing out a brochure that unfolds into a poster containing the pictures of 104 suspected rioters. 

In a one-day blitz of the city we will put this poster into the hands of more than 35,000 people. 

We hope that in many cases they will share the poster with others or even post it in a high-traffic area. 

If all goes well we hope that more than 100,000 people will eventually see this poster either in person or online. 

We need as many people as possible to help us identify the rioters in these pictures. 

We understand that for many residents it seems like the riot was a long time ago, but for the members of the VPD and the victims of that night, it might as well have been yesterday. 

Some of our critics have said why bother. 

We bother because we care. 

We care about what happened to the victims. 

We care about what happened to the reputation of our city. 

And we care that as many rioters as possible will be held accountable for what they did that night. 

We believe the members of our community care as well and will help us identify those responsible. 

I would like to thank the Vancouver Police Foundation for providing funding to cover the costs of these posters.