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Crown Counsel Approves First Wave of Riot Charges

Charges List

Crown Counsel has today informed the Vancouver Police Department that the first wave of charges has now been approved. So far, 61 charges have been approved against 25 suspected rioters.

Inspector Les Yeo, who heads up the Integrated Riot Investigation Team says, “We are very encouraged by the approval of these 61 charges and we will continue to work closely with the special prosecution team as even more charges are expected in the coming days and weeks.”

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team would like to acknowledge the special prosecution team that has been hard at work reviewing Crown reports for the first 60 cases. Having seen the incredible amount of work that went into the investigation on the front end, I realize what this Crown team was up against when we delivered the 163 charges for approval. Each report on each suspected rioter was well over 500 pages in length.

We are in the midst of finalizing the next batch of charges to be forwarded to Crown in the coming weeks.

On October 31st, the VPD recommended 163 charges against 60 individuals. “We are now another step closer to holding suspected rioters accountable for their actions on June 15th,” remarked Inspector Yeo.