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IRIT Recommends 52 Charges to Crown Counsel

Examples of Second Round Charges

Media Fact Sheet

Inspector Les Yeo
Integrated Riot Investigation Team (IRIT)

Today, we have recommended to Crown 52 charges against 20 more suspected rioters. To this point, we have forwarded to Crown 215 charges on 80 individuals.

It’s been six months since the riot, and our efforts haven’t let up. I can assure the public that as we hold a further 20 accountable today, my team is hard at work preparing a third round of charges on even more rioters.

As we have said in the past, a critical part of our investigation is identifying those responsible. In the New Year we will be launching additional strategies to increase the volume of visitors to our website.

My message to rioters who think they have gotten away with their crime spree: We’re not backing off – more arrests and more charges are just around the corner.

We are continuing with our goal to hold as many rioters as possible accountable for their actions on June 15th. Why should the victims settle for anything less?