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Update: Riot Investigation Launches New Website


Video of Assault During Riot

Fact Sheet

Inspector Les Yeo
Integrated Riot Investigation Team

Today is the day that 250 rioters have been dreading. We are announcing that we have added those 250 pictures to our website. In total, we now have over 350 pictures for identification on our website.

We’re asking the public to please go to and help hold rioters accountable for what they did on June 15th.

I can tell you that most of the suspects’ images are alleged to have committed at least a break-and-entering and participating in a riot.

We are also launching a new website that’s dedicated exclusively to the riot investigation. It will provide more capacity and versatility for investigators and improved navigation for visitors.

Now is where we need the public’s help.

We are appealing for the public’s assistance in helping us identify riot suspects involved in an appalling and violent attack on the night of the riot.

That night, many of you saw acts of bravery and courage by Good Samaritans. Robert MacKay was one of those people.

Despite viewing thousands of hours of video, and hundreds of criminal acts, investigators were sickened as they watched Robert MacKay being swarmed, beaten and pepper-sprayed while he lay on the ground.

Three of those charges today by Crown are alleged to be involved in that assault. I am not satisfied that the others haven’t been identified and neither is Robert.

I’m asking for the public’s help in identifying these six rioters. Look closely at the video. They may be your co-workers, your neighbour or your classmate.

We need your help in bringing them to justice for their cowardly and gutless attack.