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Riot Investigation Update: 70 More Charges Recommended

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Warning: Profanity and may be disturbing to some 

Fact Sheet 
Examples of Charges

Inspector Les Yeo

Our pursuit continues. This morning we delivered Round 4 to Crown Counsel, recommending 70 criminal charges against 25 more suspected rioters.

After eight months, we are just as determined and committed as we were the days following the riot.

I want to make it clear – this is not about those who stood around and watched the riot.

All of those we are recommending charges against are alleged to have destroyed property, looted businesses, started fires and assaulted innocent bystanders.

On January 31st we launched our new website. The public’s response has exceeded our expectations, with 24,000 unique visitors viewing the more then 350 pictures of suspected rioters.

In less than two weeks, we have received over 150 new tips and leads.

  • three more people have turn themselves in after seeing their pictures on the website
  • three of the six suspects who attacked Robert Mackay have now been tentatively identified
  • one of the 25 that we are recommending charges against today is alleged to have assaulted Robert

I am going to tell you a story. I will warn you – the video you are going to show see may be disturbing to some.

We are making an appeal today for the public’s help to solve a violent assault against one of our members during the riot.

Like many on June 15th, Constable Laurin was at home watching TV with his family when he saw the news of the riot. But unlike others, Constable Laurin headed into work to help. He joined three of his Emergency Response Team members and knew he was in for a busy night.

He never once imagined that his own life would be in jeopardy that night.

At around 11 p.m., Constable Laurin and his team were in the 500 block of Howe in front of Sportchek when they saw rioters smashing a store window. Mike and his team jumped out of their car to stop the looters.

As they approached, a brick came through the air from somewhere in the crowd and struck Mike in the head. Incredibly, he was able to make it inside the store where he received medical attention from his teammates

If the video isn’t shocking enough, I’m going to pass around a brick similar to the one thrown at Mike that evening.


  • same weight – 5 ¼ lbs or 2.4 kg
  • same as getting hit with a puck at 75 mph …the difference is Mike wasn’t wearing a hockey helmet


Constable Laurin’s Injuries

  • 14 stitches to the head
  • three months off work
  • serious concussion

I know someone can tell us who threw the brick at Constable Laurin. You may have been standing next to this person.  You may have heard him or her brag about this afterwards.

Please contact us at (604) 717-9999 or go through Crime Stoppers.