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Riot Investigation: Update

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I am pleased to announce that later this afternoon the Integrated Riot Investigation Team will be delivering additional charges to Crown; 82 more charges will be recommended against 25 suspected rioters.

And for those rioters who think they’ve gotten away with it, investigators are still conducting active investigations and we expect to recommend charges on a further 100 individuals in the coming months.

By the time we are done, we expect that we will exceed 300 persons charged with over 900 criminal charges.  We believe this is the greatest number of people charged with a crime arising from one incident in Canadian history.

So far, almost everyone will be charged with participating in a riot.  Based on case law, this is the most serious charge we can lay and will ensure the most accountability from the courts. 

Today, we are doing another appeal for citizens to go to our website to help us identify our 10 worst unidentified rioters.  After a year of investigating the riot, we asked our investigators for the offenders who have not been identified yet and who were particularly violent.  These are their pictures.

Number one is the man who is the sole unidentified suspect in the vicious and cowardly attack of a Good Samaritan, Mr. Robert Mackay, in front of the Hudson’s Bay store.

We are happy with the success in the Robert Mackay assault investigation.  From the video, we saw that 15 people participated in the swarming and beating.  We have identified 14 – three have been charged, 12 have charges recommended, and two are under current investigation.

We are also downsizing the IRIT team. I would like to thank our policing partners from the RCMP, New Westminster, Abbotsford, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Transit, Delta, Calgary and Victoria for contributing investigators to this team. 

I would like to thank these officers and their chiefs for helping us with what was a massive investigation. All of the loaned officers will be returning to their agencies.

The work of the team has been amazing and the forensic video investigative techniques are groundbreaking.  We’ve had inquires from police agencies around the world asking about how we catalogued all the video. This work has already been recognized with international awards and there are more awards to come.  

I also want to thank the Team Commander, Inspector Les Yeo, for his leadership and hard work. He will be moving to a new assignment commanding the Traffic Section. Inspector Laurence Rankin will become the new Team Commander.