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“Routine” Traffic Stop Results in Arrest

2014.04.09. gun-seizure

A traffic stop by patrol officers last weekend shows that police never know who may be behind the wheel and what may be waiting for them.

Shortly after 11:00 on the night of April 5th, police pulled over a man near Thurlow and Hastings Street for a traffic violation.

Officers became suspicious of the driver as they spoke to him about why he had been stopped. They noticed that he appeared extremely nervous and was sweating profusely. Officers also noticed a strap protruding from under his jacket, and unusual bulges under both arms.

Police soon discovered the driver was in possession of two loaded handguns strapped to his body in shoulder holsters. A rifle and shotgun were later located upon a search of the vehicle.

Further investigation lead the VPD Gang Crime Unit investigators to a Downtown West End apartment. In the apartment, police located two shotguns, three assault-style rifles and a replica Uzi.

“Guns on our streets and the threat they pose to public safety remain a concern for police,” says Inspector Scott Thompson in charge of the downtown patrol district. “We are thankful that some very good police work by our patrol officers, combined with the follow-up by the VPD Gang Crime Unit, has resulted in fewer of these guns in circulation.”

Forty-five year old Vancouver resident Alexander Bell has now been charged with multiple firearms offences. He has been held in custody since his arrest and was scheduled to appear in court this morning.