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VPD Top Traffic Stop of the Week

A Vancouver prohibited driver will lose the use of his vehicle for up to 60 days, and possibly forever under the Civil Forfeiture Act, after VPD Traffic officers stopped him on Vancouver’s west side.

The man was driving a BMW 4 Series when he was stopped just before 11:00 a.m. on October 29, 2017.

The driver has been charged with prohibited driving four times in this year alone – most recently in September 2017 – and he is now facing a fifth charge. He also has over 18 other violations in the past four years, including several for excessive speeding, using an electronic device, and other offences.

The driver is also facing charges from an earlier incident this year when he failed to stop for police for driving while prohibited, excessively speeding, and for running a red light.

“The VPD Traffic Section is committed road safety,” says Sergeant Jason Robillard, VPD spokesperson. “We want to remind these dangerous drivers that we’re out there and you will get caught.”