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VPD warns about thieves taking advantage of insecure doors and windows

The warmer weather this time of year may bring out the flowers, but it also brings out thieves. Vancouver Police report that many break-ins during the spring and summer months show no signs of forced entry and are the asking the public to help prevent break-ins by ensuring their doors and windows are secured — regardless if they are home or not.

Police typically see an increase in break-ins to houses, basement suites, townhomes, and apartments as the temperature begins to rise. Although this year, when compared to last year, there was an overall decrease in residential break-ins from April 1 to mid-May, there was also a 25 per cent increase in the number of incidents with no sign of forced entry — likely because a door or window was left unlocked and/or open without security features.

“Windows are often left open to welcome fresh air into our homes during the warmer months, but you may be providing a criminal with easy access to your home,” says VPD Constable Jason Doucette. “It doesn’t matter if you are home or not, if it’s day or night, or what floor you live on — thieves are getting in through insecure windows and doors.”

Police encourage people to consider joining Block Watch and getting to know their neighbours, as a way to help prevent crime. Anyone curious about the crime in their neighbourhood can check out the VPD’s interactive mapping tool GeoDash, which is intended to enhance community awareness of police activity and crime in Vancouver.