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Vancouver Police Warn Public of High-Risk Sex-Offender Living in the City

Vancouver Police believe that circumstances exist to warn the public that a high-risk sex-offender is residing at a halfway house in Vancouver. He poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of teenaged and adult women, including strangers and acquaintances.

Sixty-seven-year-old Brian Keith Solberg is a federal offender who was convicted of forcible confinement, sexual assault with a weapon, and a number of other related offences. Upon the conclusion of Mr. Solberg’s previous sentence, a peace bond was put in place as a preventative measure to protect the public. He is currently serving a four-year sentence for breaching court-imposed conditions related to a peace bond.

The Correctional Service of Canada has assessed Mr. Solberg as continuing to present a high risk for sexual and general reoffending.

Mr. Solberg is white, 5’11”, 218 lbs., with short greying brown hair and blue eyes. He is bound by the terms of his statutory release, which include several conditions:

  • report all friendships, sexual relationships, and intimate relationships with women to his parole supervisor
  • not to be in the company of sex workers, or frequent the areas where sex workers are likely to be present
  • not to consume, purchase, or possess alcohol or drugs
  • not to enter any establishment where the primary source of income is the sale of alcohol
  • not to associate with any person you know, or have reason to believe, is involved in criminal activity and/or substance misuse

Anyone who sees Brian Keith Solberg in violation of any of these conditions is asked to call 9-1-1.