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Log It or Lose It: Police Launch New Crime Prevention Campaign

 2013.06.03. log-it-or-lose-it

Krenz on Krime: Log It or Lose It Video


I would like to welcome you here today as we announce a new crime prevention initiative in partnership with the Property Crime Support Unit, the Community Policing Services Unit, Block Watch and our ten Community Policing Centres

Last week was Spring Bike to Work week and there has been a lot of talk about engraving your bicycle.  You may also have heard of Lock It or Lose, which is an anti auto theft campaign.  Today we are launching a crime prevention education and awareness program called Log It or Lose It.

We have always educated citizens to secure their valuables. Lock your car, bicycle and/or house. We have also encouraged citizens to engrave property using their driver’s license number or provincial identification card.  These numbers can be quickly checked by police for the purpose of an investigation to identify the owner.

We want to keep encouraging those first two steps in partnership with making a record of your property.

Secure It!
Engrave It!
Log It!
Or Lose it!

This campaign will encourage citizens to log their property by documenting their valuables in any medium that’s easiest for them.  This can be as basic as a piece of paper or in an electronic database.

All too often members take break-and-enter and theft reports where owners can only give a basic summary of their property. We are encouraging citizens to take a couple of minutes to document their personal property and valuables.  Record detailed information like make, model, serial number and colour.  We encourage you to engrave the property if the process won’t damage it.  For property with no serial numbers and not appropriate for engraving, we encourage you to photograph it, such as items like jewellery, paintings and family heirlooms. 

Starting today, our Community Policing Centres will be proactively distributing Log It or Lose It brochures during foot and bicycle patrols.  These brochures have some basic tips and if you completely unfold the booklet you’ll find a spreadsheet to start documenting your property.  You can download and print additional copies from our website.

Our CPCs also have engravers available for sign out and some have unique bicycle engraving programs.

Quick Facts

2013.06.03. stats
The reduction of property crime is a priority for the VPD.

The VPD implements a number of strategies to reduce property crime in Vancouver:

  • Bait car program
  • Bait bike program
  • Targeting chronic offenders (Chronic Offender Unit)
  • Con-Air program
  • Crime Watch
  • Block Watch
  • Other projects

Over the last decade property crime rates in the City of Vancouver have steadily dropped.

Every year we auction of property that we cannot trace back to an owner:

  • over 300 bikes at last auction
  • 40 lots of jewelry
  • 300 lots of general merchandise

The VPD would much rather return stolen property to the owner instead of auctioning it off.

Revenue from the auctions goes to the City of Vancouver.