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VPD Welcomes 10,000 New Workers

The VPD is welcoming 10,000 new workers to the force with the introduction of two bee hives at Vancouver Police headquarters.

This morning, three beekeepers from Hives for Humanity, and one of our own wranglers, donning veils, smokers and carrying two bee hives, made their way through the lobby of the building at 2120 Cambie Street to take the bees to their new home on the 3rd floor community garden. The bees will join the VPD’s staff of approximately 2,000 employees and volunteers who are working to build better communities.

The hives and community garden are funded and maintained by volunteers from the Vancouver Police Department’s civilian and sworn staff, in conjunction with Hives for Humanity’s trained beekeepers.

“There are a lot of similarities between beekeeping and policing,” says VPD spokesperson, Sergeant Randy Fincham. “If you treat each other with fairness and respect, nobody gets stung.”

Hives for Humanity has grown from just one hive in September of 2012 to over 150 hives spread throughout Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and Mount Pleasant communities.

Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organization that encourages community connections through apiculture, more commonly known as beekeeping.

More information about Hives for Humanity and their work in the community

VPD Beekeeping FAQs:

Why are the police keeping bees?
The world population of honeybees is currently on the decline due to a variety of reasons. Bees and other wild pollinators have a crucial role to play in the pollination of plants and crops. Up to an estimated 80% of global agricultural pollination services are attributed to the domesticated honeybee.

How far will a honeybee travel to gather nectar?
Honeybees will usually travel up to three kilometres to locate a food source and gather pollen. The honeybees at VPD headquarters will pollinate plants from approximately Vine Street to Commercial Drive and Coal Harbour to 37th Avenue.

What are we going to do with all that honey?
Each hive produces its own unique honey flavour, based on available food sources. Honey from the VPD headquarters might just be coming to a location near you. Don’t worry, we won’t be busting you for the sticky fingers.

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