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Time to “Wake Up” the VPD Canoe

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 11 a.m., the Vancouver Police Department will “wake up” its canoe in preparation for the 17th Annual Pulling Together Police / First Nations canoe journey. The ceremony will take place in the VPD kiosk located at 1850 Spyglass Place.

It is Coast Salish tradition that canoes be “woken up” after the winter before going out on the water.

The VPD canoe, NCH’7MUT [pronounced In-CHOTE-Mote], which means “One Heart, One Mind,” will be awakened by members of the Squamish Nation and VPD Canoe Club members.

In a culturally rich display, there will be drumming, singing, and prayers by the Squamish Ocean Canoe Family. The ceremony will highlight the important relationship the Vancouver Police Department has with Vancouver’s Aboriginal community and British Columbia’s First Nations Peoples.

The Pulling Together Canoe Society mandate is:

Recognizing the past by Pulling Together
to enhance understanding between Public Service Agencies and Aboriginal Peoples
by canoeing the traditional highway, strengthening our future relations.