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Teamwork Leads to Arrests

The Vancouver Police and an alert citizen teamed up on Monday morning to arrest two property crime offenders in South Vancouver.

A resident in the area of East 57th Avenue and Elliott Street became concerned about two people sitting in an older Honda Civic near her residence early yesterday. She contacted police and provided the call-taker with information. It was determined that the vehicle was stolen, and when officers moved in and arrested the occupants, they found the vehicle full of property, likely obtained through other crimes.

“This is another great example of neighbours looking out for neighbours. This resident could have simply turned a blind eye and allowed these crooks to continue on with their business, but instead she called the police and put an end to their illegal activities,” says VPD spokesperson Constable Jason Doucette. “It’s tough to do something about a problem if we don’t know about it. We encourage citizens to reports suspicious behaviour to police immediately and allow our officers a chance to investigate.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Bradley Innes, of Vancouver, has been charged with possession of stolen property and breach of probation. He is scheduled to make a court appearance today.

Twenty-nine-year-old Elizabeth Evelyn Joe, of Vancouver, has been charged with breach of probation and is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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