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VPD encouraging beachgoers to enjoy parks and beaches safely

With temperatures expected to increase in Metro Vancouver this week, Vancouver Police are encouraging residents and visitors to the city to enjoy parks and beaches safely.

Each summer, the VPD works with the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board to ensure the beaches are safe for everyone. Officers patrol on foot, on horseback, on ATVs, boats, and bikes.

“We see a lot of tourists on our beaches in the summer, and our rules may be different than in other cities and countries,” says VPD Sergeant Jason Robillard. “We are reminding Vancouver residents, and letting visitors know, that open alcohol is not permitted on public beaches.”

In addition to alcohol, fires and smoking are not permitted on beaches or in parks in Vancouver. A violation ticket for consuming liquor in public carries a $230 fine.

Beachgoers will see ATVs on the larger beaches, including English Bay, Spanish Banks, and Kitsilano Beach. They are a fast and effective transportation option, allowing officers to get to an emergency quickly.

The VPD’s Marine Unit will be on the water throughout the summer, ensuring boaters are safe and following boating regulations by having the necessary equipment onboard, including a personal floatation device for each person on the boat.

“We want our beaches to be a safe, family atmosphere for everyone to enjoy,” adds Sergeant Robillard.