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Vancouver Police warn of continued violence and public safety issues in Oppenheimer Park

Vancouver Police are re-issuing concerns about public safety following an assault, and another seizure of weapons from Oppenheimer Park.

“Our officers are continuing to deal with multiple seizures of weapons In the Park, which raises safety concerns for members of the community, as well as our officers,” says Sergeant Aaron Roed, VPD. “We continue to issue warnings about crime stemming from the park, which is showing no signs of slowing down.”

Early yesterday morning, VPD officers responded after a 32-year-old Vancouver man was assaulted in a tent in the park. He was struck in the face with the handle of an axe and sustained minor injuries. While officers were investigating, they located the axe, along with two additional axes, six knives, and one bolt cutter, all inside of the tent. This seizure comes only week after VPD released information about another substantial seizure of weapons on February 27.

No arrests have yet been made. Vancouver Police officers continuing to investigate this incident.

This morning, shortly before 3:30 a.m., Vancouver Police officers on patrol noticed a tent on fire in Oppenheimer Park, and notified Vancouver Fire Rescue Services to assist and extinguish the fire. VPD officers cleared the area, helping people exit the park for public safety. The tent sustained severe damage, as the fire caused explosions from propane and aerosol containers. No one claimed ownership of the tent.

“This fire could have gotten out of hand very quickly,” says Sergeant Aaron Roed. “It was fortunate that no one was injured.”

The VPD will continue to maintain a highly visible presence in and around Oppenheimer Park, working with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Fire and Rescue, and the Vancouver Park Board, on safety issues related to the park.